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Ending Your Tenancy

We're sorry you're leaving us, but to make sure things go as smoothly as possible you need to give us 28 days notice by completing a Notice to Terminate your Tenancy form online or at your local Office.

All tenancies end on a Sunday so your notice period must also end on a Sunday. You are legally responsible for paying the rent up to the day your notice ends.

Once we receive your notice, we will write to you confirming the date when your tenancy ends and may also want to visit you in your home.
It’s your responsibility to pay any rent arrears and complete any unfinished repairs before that date.


End your tenancy properly

Ending your tenancy properly is important.

We may decide not to offer you further housing in the future if you leave problems behind.

These might include moving out without telling us, leaving rent arrears or failing to comply with the terms of your tenancy.

These kind of problems may also affect the information we provide to other landlords about you.

Many of them carry out checks on your previous tenancy records so it makes sense to do everything properly.

Leave your home in a good condition

When you move out you should leave your home in a good, clean condition.

If you don't, you may be charged for any repair work that is needed after you've left if it is thought to be your fault.

Make sure you take all your belongings with you. We can't store things so don't leave any furniture that is yours or we'll have to dispose of it and you may have to pay a charge for this.

It's different if you have any unwanted curtains. Please leave these hanging up so that the property doesn't look empty.

Return all your keys

You need to return all your keys - from the house and any storage sheds - to your Local Office by 12pm on the Monday you leave.

If the keys are received after 12pm on the Monday you will be charged an extra week's rent.

You'll be given a receipt there and then when you give your keys in. Make sure you do this as we may have to charge you extra week's rent and for a lock change if you fail to hand in your keys.

If you also rent a garage let us know if you want to continue to rent it.

And one last thing, make sure you arrange to have your gas and electricity meters read before you leave and that any phones are disconnected.

This is your responsibility so make sure you don't become liable for any bills that arrive after you've left.

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